Darn Tough Sock Review


Darn Tough sent the team some “Light Cushion” socks to review. I always run with socks I do not enjoy running sock-less and don’t really understand the appeal of running without socks. I imagine it would be squishy and end up making your shoes stink. I also like socks for blister prevention. There is my rant about socks. The Darn Tough socks we tried were more cushioned then the socks I lean towards, but are comfortable. The Merino wool held up well, but it doesn’t really matter because Darn Tough guarantees the socks for life. I also prefer a sock that is low profile and these covered the ankle completely. I ended up liking the sock more for cycling than for running. My opinion could have been swayed by a lower profile / “no show” sock.

Jenny’s take on the Darn Tough Socks

I.Love.Socks.  Who knew?!  I’ve become a total sock whore…the more the better but I’m picky about them.  I’ve tried countless brands, fiber contents and weights and this may be one of my faves.  Merino wool is ridiculously soft and a natural antibacterial.  We sampled the light cushion 1/4″ sock and I loved the weight.  It’s a personal preference but I like a sock with a little substance and this one was perfect–not too thick where it affected the fit of my shoe and not too thin to where I was sliding around.  The seamless toe is pretty unique but Darn Tough has found a way to make it happen.   They are fantastic moisture wickers, claiming to wick away sweat in its vapor state, so it never actually condenses into liquid.  That is going to be a huge benefit with the upcoming summer.  My only beef with the sock is that it wasn’t a no-show…I just can’t pull off the mid-ankle tan line!  To be fair, Darn Tough does offer no show socks and even has a variety of fun colors and cushioning options!

Stein’s Opinion

Fit: These socks run large. I had to downsize from the recommended Large to Medium sizing and even then they were not a tight fit.

Texture: Soft and cushy. I have been wearing these socks around the house as well as running in them and they’re plush. My feet like them.

Wicking: While they are fairly thick socks, my feet don’t seem to get overly hot and/or sweaty. I will attribute this to the merino wool.

Heat escape: Somehow these “full cushion” socks breath well. Guessing it’s the wool.

Distance: I’d run any distance in these socks. They’d probably be perfect for cold-weather runs though my testing has been limited to the spring time.


Originally published on Believe in the Run