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I enjoy writing product reviews for Believe In the Run. Here’s my bio from the website.

About Stein

Quick facts:

  • Size 10.5 US, Narrow foot – 4 ¼ inch, High/Normal arch
  • 5’10″, 155 lb.
  • Average 50+ running miles a week (2012), 7 marathons, 4 Ultras, Marathon PR 3:29

I began running in 2010 at age 38. Like many, the motivation came from the desire to lose some weight. After several weeks of running aimlessly in the neighborhood I decided to set some goals; but why start small? With some biking and martial arts background I knew that big goals were important, so signing up for the 2010 Baltimore Marathon seemed logical. With six months of training, the 2010 marathon (my first race) was tough but I finished – and best of all I was hooked. Next I signed up for the 2011 HAT 50K. What better motivation than an even bigger distance? This has been my formula ever since; sign up for some “important” events and fit in some spontaneous races along the way. The spontaneous/unplanned race is always invigorating!

One of my major inspirations to “get active” was Thomas AKA ”Mr. Inspiration”, who I worked with at my 9-5 job a decade ago. Back in 2010 I started paying attention to Facebook and somehow connected with Thomas as a “friend” – and quickly noticed that he was running 5, 6, 7 miles almost every day with a link to his “dailymile” workout. I thought this mileage was a bit excessive; not normal; maybe unhealthy; and simply did not fit the guy I had worked with. The intrigue prompted me to sign up for dailymile and it has been a great source of support and inspiration ever since. Writing reviews for Believe In The Run is serious work, usually putting gear through at least 50 miles before publishing an opinion. I’m having a great time with it.

Of course, it’s not all roses. Four to seven days of running each week – with lots of pre-dawn and weekend hours – is not a simple endeavor. Being a busy dad, my running adventures and overall motivation would probably fall apart without tons of support from my better half. So cheers, Andrea!

I attribute my health, low injury rate and fast recovery to a vegan diet and post-run beers. Between 2010 and early 2013 I have run seven marathons, two 50-Ks, one 50-miler, a 199-mile 6-person relay finishing in Key West, and numerous shorter road and trail races. In the mix I have scored two age-group wins (5k and 10k) and a couple top-ten and top-twenty finishes. I’m a member of Team Wicked Bonkproof, Team Faster Bastards and The Baltimore Road Runners Club.

Coach Caleb Masland

Coach Caleb‘s Team Wicked Bonkproof is the official coach and training provider  for Believe in the Run.