Team Wicked BonkProof


Coaching services are a great way for runners of all ability levels and ages to become faster, healthier, and more well-rounded. When you work with Coach Caleb, you become a member of Team Wicked Bonkproof and are guided through a progression of development that can lead to PRs at any distance from 1 mile to 100 miles.

The training philosophy can be summarized as a progressive approach to the following key areas:

  1. Aerobic endurance (base-building, general strength, long run fitness)
  2. Energy system development (lactate threshold improvement, lactate buffering and metabolism, anaerobic threshold and power improvement)
  3. Race-specific brain training (this is where the “bonkproof” terminology comes from that you’ll see associated with the team)

Essentially, training for a specific race time is mostly about “extension” of race pace, and more specifically, energy system efficiency at race pace.

Coaching clients receive a customized plan each week, run in free team gear, have opportunities to participate in product development and review, and get access to discounts with affiliate running gear and nutrition vendors.

For more information, send Caleb an email via the contact form.